Millennials and Generation Y

One of the most popular topics for speakers at the moment is Millenials (Generation Y): their expectations as consumers and their impact on the workforce. This is of course the first generation to grow up with, and be immersed in, the Internet and Information Age. They are the generation that is going to have an ever increasing affect on the world and how we live and work.

Dr Eliza Filby - Author and academic, Eliza speaks eloquently on what employers can expect from the Millennial Generation in terms of their attitude to work, their consumer habits, voting preferences and their role as citizens.

Blaire Palmer - She is at the forefront of new thinking about leadership in the 21st century, busting the myths in her keynote speeches and development sessions.

Richard Gerver - A former School Principal and government adviser, Richard shares his experience of cultural and organisational transformation, human development and management.

Richard Watson - Long term friend of Performing Artistes, Richard's latest book Digital vs Human explores our interaction with technology, and its effect on Millenials/Gen Y or Screenagers as he calls them!