JJs Recommendations

It's always fascinating to look back at the bookings we've done over the course of 6 months and see what trends have emerged. Some are predictable, and dictated by current affairs, while others are more surprising. Here are my stand outs from the first half:

Toyah Willcox- We've been working with Toyah for many years now, however she's had a flurry of bookings this year. Her speech on reinvention, and looking at how she's evolved and stayed relevant in the music industry continues to delight.

Martin Sixsmith- Who'd have thought US relations with Russia would remain such a hot topic, 18 months ago? As a former Moscow and Washington correspondent, not to mention fluent Russian speaker, Martin provides a fascinating insight into these geo political shifts.

Tom London- We first came across iPad magic a couple of years' ago, a modern take on a traditional art. One of our favourite practitioners is Tom London who has thrilled audiences both in the UK and abroad.

Dominic Holland- We used to say he was a stand up comedian whose been on the usual merry-go-round of panel shows; now he's Spiderman's Dad! It might have taken his son's success to deliver a career boost, but it's great to see him back at the fore.

And the biggest surprise? Brexit! We have of course delivered a number of Brexit related briefs, however it's not been the overriding theme just yet. We put it down to general acceptance that there will remain a level of uncertainty for a good few months to come!