Thinking the Unthinkable Dinner

We were delighted to welcome 20 senior clients to an exclusive round table dinner at the Haymarket Hotel earlier this month. The discussion was led by Nik Gowing, drawing on his findings in his Thinking the Unthinkable book. Nik has spent the last five years conducting in-depth research and interviews with leaders from around the globe, across all areas of life. The aim of the dinner was to discuss the pressures imposed on corporate leaders in an increasingly unstable world.

The dinner showcased how Nik can help leaders turn this uncertainty into an opportunity to thrive through change - he firmly believes these enormous challenges facing leaders calls for a new mindset, culture and behaviour. With the current chaos in Parliament, and with impeachment proceedings the other side of the pond, high level, closed door discussions like this can be a superb way to find a way through these challenges, and what Nik refers to as "...not Unthinkables, but Unpallatables".

Galvanized? Do get in touch to see what Nik can bring to your organisation, either in a round table discussion like this, or far reaching keynote.