Ross Edgley



After receiving a 1st class honours for his dissertation on the different strength and power adaptations to various training protocols, he decided to apply his practical and academic experience to become a strength and conditioning coach and performance nutritionist.

A role he loved and loves since he never really gave it up. Recently he orchestrated the “functional weight loss” of close friend and 7 times WPC World Champion (and first man to ever Deadlift over 1000lbs) Andy Bolton. Following kidney complications Andy needed to lose 40kg before being considered for a transplant. So Ross helped him drop from 165kg to 124kg and is pleased to report Andy is now healthy, happy, free from dialysis treatment and will look to take the British under 125kg record this year adding another chapter to his already legendary career.

Ross is also co-founder at what is considered the UK’s most innovative sports nutrition company The Protein Works, writes for range of publications (including GQ, Menshealth, Telegraph,, Mensfitness and more) and has amassed a social media following of well over a half a million people.

Now Ross continually looks to challenge the current doctrine of the fitness and nutrition industry in an effort to make things better.

A scientist, sociologist, and philosopher of training and nutrition, his stunts are often designed to (1) Push the boundaries of human physical excellence and (2) Raise money for charities very close to his heart. Stunts include..

In one of his most well-publicized experiments, Ross was working with many athletes from weight-based sports at the time and saw a lot of dangerous weight cutting practices. So to quite literally “practice what he preaches” he used a variety of methods (some conventional and some not) to lose over 24 pounds in 24 hours. He also set an unofficial British Powerlifting record during his weight cut and recorded a good 5km run to show when done correctly, performance shouldn’t be entirely compromised during a weight cut.

Ross also hoped the stunt would prove to people that ‘weight loss’ is very different from ‘fat loss’ and that scales shouldn’t govern peoples nutrition or self-esteem and are only a numerical reflection of our relationship with gravity. The stunt trended on Twitter worldwide, Ross appeared on Australian TV and it was even translated into Mandarin.”

More recently Ross also completed the World’s Strongest Marathon.

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