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Andy Mouncey successfully completed a 300 mile solo triathlon crossing between London and Paris, consisting of:

  • Running 87 miles from Marble Arch London to Dover
  • Swimming the 22 miles of the English Channel
  • Cycling 187 miles from Calais to the Arc D' Triomphe, Paris

Not only that, he set new record times for each of the three stages as well.

Andy was also on a mission to discover exactly how you can do Out Of Comfort Zone: How can you really prepare for it, execute it, and then repeat it all time and time again?

In his speech, Doing Big & Scary!, Andy picks his audience up and transports them bodily into the rollercoaster ride that was the Enduroman Arch To Arc Challenge there are stories, humour and interaction in abundance.

And there's much more than that.

Andy spent the two years after the Challenge continually figuring out what his experience gave him: What did he learn? What new insights did he have? And what would he have to do to really make this really compelling for his audience?

His speech is a unique example of how to make the complex appear simple. How to convert uncertainty into certainty - and then to do it all over again.

Andy runs his own Performance Coaching & Inspirational Speaking business and is an author of two books (most recently 'London To Paris The Hard Way' his account of his epic challenge) and various magazine and newspaper articles. He has produced a selection of audio CDs and a DVD documentary, and has appeared on TV and radio.

Since The Enduroman Challenge Andy has specialized in Ultra-Marathon Running and continues to race all over the world.

He is married to wife Charlotte and has a son.

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