Cal Leeming: Cyber Security- Behind the Mystery

Cal Leeming

On Tuesday 26th May we were joined by cyber security expert Cal Leeming. 

Driven by a relentless passion for technology, Cal became the youngest child to be convicted of hacking at the age of 10 years old. After forming a relationship with his arresting officer, Cal has since dedicated his adult life to helping victims of cyber crime and improving cyber safeguarding schools. During his career, Cal has built several successful startups, provided training to law enforcement, and was recently appointed to the cyber security advisory board for Imperial College London.

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In this session, we explore security breaches in the media, and what actually happens behind the scenes.

In this extended interview, we spoke with Cal Leeming, a seasoned professional in the world of technology, hearing his stories about the mysterious world of Cyber Security.

Check out the video highlights below.