Remote Working PodCast - Stuart Goldsmith and Julia Streets

As mentioned in the newsletter earlier in the month, this is the first of a series of podcasts we will be recording/releasing during the lockdown. Here Stuart Goldsmith is in conversation with Julia Streets, discussing how to engage and get the most out of a team working remotely.

Julia's own firm is exclusively staffed by people who work remotely; an evangelist and commentator on innovation and change, she is the perfect person to discuss the subject. Stuart is host of the Comedian's Comedian podcast, in which he has interviewed over 330 comedians about the business of comedy, the findings of which he discusses in keynotes on the subject of resilience.

Enjoy the podcast - either listen here, or through your preferred podcast provider.

And don't forget, both Julia and Stuart are available to deliver keynote speeches or host training workshops remotely...give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3740 3640 or email for more information.