Nik Gowing

As well as being one of the most sought after and highly respected conference chairs, Nik Gowing is in increasing demand for his Thinking the Unthinkable presentation.Based on a study first published in 2016 and constantly updated, it looks at how organisations can, in fact must, face up to an increasingly unpredictable world.

Brexit, Trump, the recent election result are just some of the many once unthinkable events that have become reality in the last few years, and if anything the unpredictability is increasing! Nik is constantly on the road speaking at events around the world, from large scale conferences to tight nit senior level briefings.

"Thank you so much for your inspired presentation and discussion. It is pretty difficult to exceed expectations when the expectations are as high as mine were for your presentation but somehow you managed to do just that. You truly opened people`s eyes and gave us a challenging way to think about our roles." New York City - April 2017