International Women’s Day – 8th March 2023

We are already dealing with many enquiries for this year’s IWD, and have lots of ideas for female talent to really make an impact at your event (something we’ve done for the past three decades!). Two people we thought we would flag in fact came to our Speaker Dinner, and judging by comments from people who met them, certainly made an impression!

Natalie Gumede and Tijana Tamburic.

Natalie is an actress, who first came to prominence on Coronation Street. She’s gone on to star in numerous productions, including DC’s Titans, and Amazon’s Christmas hit, “Your Christmas or mine”. As a public speaker at events, Natalie has 20 years of experience to share on some of the nation’s favourite shows. She also understands the importance of resilience, self motivation and discipline as an actor, which has great crossover to the world of business. Additionally, Natalie is a qualified yoga teacher and is very comfortable in the wellness and mental health space.

Tijana Tamburic is a British entrepreneur and co-founder of the creative agency Female Narratives, whose clients include Bumble, Allbirds, The North Face, Merrell, Kiehl’s and many female-founded b-corps. Her TedX tale “When My Masculine Met My Feminine” has over 37,000 views and she speaks on a variety of topics including advertising and marketing to women and millennials, equality in business and creativity.