The Metaverse - What is it, and does it matter?

When Facebook renamed their holding company to Meta last year, the metaverse went from a niche, techy interest, to widespread talking point. Many organisations are still grappling with what it is, and what opportunities it may represent, and this is reflected by increasing levels of speaking requests on the subject.

In layman's terms, the metaverse is essentially a virtual reality world we will be able to communicate and, from a company perspective, transact through. You will wear a headset and be able to navigate around without a traditional mouse and computer screen, in a fully immersive manner. There will likely be many different metaverses, in much the same way there are different platforms at the moment, be they Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. 

Facebook's renaming is clearly an attempt to make an early claim on a chunk of this virtual world. 

There are a number of speakers who can help explain more fully what it is, the opportunities it might represent, and indeed the threats to be aware of. We have recently worked with Mark Van Rijmenam and Theo Priestley, while Irra Ariella Khi specialises in cyber security, and is well placed to discuss potential secuity implications.

Do get in touch to find out whose message on this growing subject would be right for your next event.