Rasmus Ankerson - How to build a high performance culture

The success of Brentford FC being promoted to the Premier League has been built on their innovative thinking, based around the use of big data to drive decision making, and brought a spotlight on Rasmus Ankersen who masterminded the approach.

Since his appointment as co-director of football, Rasmus has been fundamental in the introduction of this new mindset. This success has brought a new new gravitas to Rasmus's speaking, teaching organisations how contemporary thinking on talent identification and development, disruption and sustaining success, can take them to new heights and inspire them to lead their markets in a way they never have before. 

As someone who embraces change and technology, it will be no surprise, he is equally comfortable in virtual as well as physical settings, and a superb addition to any event. More details on his page: https://www.performingartistes.co.uk/artistes/rasmus-ankersen