Decca Aitkenhead

Decca was a successful journalist and mother of two sons, when tragedy struck during a family holiday in Jamaica. A riptide swept her 4 year old out to sea - her partner rushed in after him, saved the child, but was drowned in the process. A year later, still coming to terms with her loss, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which had claimed her own mother. Her highly acclaimed memoir about the horrors she has faced, All At Sea, won universal praise for its unparalleled honesty. “Aitkenhead’s loss,” wrote the Times, “is our gain.” No-one has given us such a clear-eyed, illuminating, intelligent account of devastation, and Decca speaks as eloquently as she writes. 

Discover from her why most of the things we say to someone in crisis are wrong, and how we can actually help. Learn what survivor’s guilt really is, and why people in shock can behave in ways that seem mystifying. From Decca you learn how to be a truer friend and stronger person through her poignant, but ultimately uplifting story.