Old friends - Neil Mullarkey, Paul McGee and Perry McCarthy

Having mentioned Susan earlier in the newsletter, we seem to have had a flurry of events recently with some old friends of the company.

While the great thing about this industry is the variety of people we work with, and constantly finding new talent, it's always nice to see people we've known, and in some cases discovered, many years before, still going strong. Neil Mullarkey is a founding member of the Comedy Store Players and teaches corporate audiences on how they can use improvisation skills and has delighted a range of clients recently.

We first came across Paul McGee, aka Mr SUMO (Shut Up Move On) over 15 years' ago and he is still going strong, receiving amazing feedback from a housing client recently...in fact some of their manager's reported a significant attitude improvement among previously negative staff! Bravo, Paul.

And finally, with Lewis Hamilton winning his 5th F1 World Championship, there is renewed interest in people with motorsport links, with Perry McCarthy (the original Stig and former F1 driver) being a particular beneficiary.