Vanessa Sturman



Vanessa Sturman is a Cambridge educated nutritionist with a growing reputation as a transformative coach in the competitive world of corporate management.

Vanessa helps people to eat their way to great performance, improved resilience and a healthy weight without ever dieting again through a combination of balanced food intake and excercise.

Vanessa has been featured on Sky News, Talk TV, Times Radio, LBC and is regularly on BBC Radio as an authority on healthy eating and plant based food.

She is educated to Masters level at Cambridge University in Biological Anthropology, as well as co-founding a successful plant based recipe website for which she created recipes for over four years. 

Vanessa's corporate career was as an established Workplace Change Consultant helping companies transform their working practices and wellbeing.


“Vanessa is a superb Health Coach and I can see why she’s an Award-Winning Speaker. The feedback I got from our audience of nearly 200 people was very complimentary.They found her to be verysupportive, compassionate and focused on individual problems when following up".

Bhik Kotecha
Clinical Professor

"Vanessa was a fantastic speaker. Promised us she'd get people thinking about their food choices in an approachable manner, and surpassed expectations"

Dr Charlie Barty-King
Sustainability Lead

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