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Tom Griffin has been a classical actor, an opera singer, and an entrepreneur developing, running and then selling his own brand experience marketing agency. He has been entertaining, educating and coaching for over three decades and is passionate about people and helping them unlock their true potential. A leading thinker in the field of personal and professional developmen, he is also a sought-after coach and trainer, having worked with brands such as British Airways, O2, Microsoft, Google and Peugeot and individuals in politics, the arts, entertainment and the media. As a guest lecturer on marketing at the 'Cass London Business School' Tom also shared his experiences with future leaders. 
He is equally at home working with CEO's and frontline staff, whether coaching one on one, training groups or presenting at conferences and seminars. His World Stories campaign for British Airways won the coveted award for 'Most Creative and Effective Campaign of the Year'. Tom's mix of creative development and hands-on delivery has seen him inspire and motivate staff and customers, reinvigorate brands, launch products, change cultures and create leaders throughout whole organisations. 
Tom was invited to launch 'The Mark of a Leader' in the UK and take its unique proposition from North America to the rest of the world. He offers a new take on the age-old power of stories and storytelling, engaging audiences at a very deep level, and inspiring them to become role models of leadership in their own right.
He brings a range of stories and films together, carefully selected and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Using a library of over 50 incredible stories Tom ensures that each client's message gets across with both accuracy and inspiration . His aim is to change how people see the world and how they see themselves and what they believe they are capable of doing.
The stories provoke deep personal insights and are metaphors for change in their own right and will live in the audience's memory for many years to come. Sustained and observable behaviour change becomes the inevitable result. Every experience is unique, because the blend of stories told, and the style in which they are told, is driven by the specific needs of the client.
Tom's favourite story is the epic survival tale of Earnest Shackelton and Endurance. His favourite quote is by John Buchan the author of The 39 Steps who said, The job of a leader is not to instill greatness in people, it is to illicit it, for greatness is there already.

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