Tim Willcox



Tim Willcox is best known as a professional TV presenter, notably with the BBC, versatile and relaxed in even the most challenging and sensitive situations. He has brought clarity to international audiences during some of the biggest breaking stories in recent history.

Now as an independent journalist and broadcaster his ability to encapsulate and explain the essence of complicated and fast moving events is as relevant as ever.

A born storyteller, communicator, and international TV anchor Tim has brought sensitivity and global attention to people’s darkest - and happiest moments.

Beginning his career on London’s Fleet Street in the 1980’s writing for titles including the Times, Telegraph, FT and Spectator, Tim’s TV career began at ITN as a correspondent and presenter.

He then went to the BBC where he anchored BBC flagship programmes from London and around the world. In that time Tim covered some of the most tumultuous events in modern history.

Working in the field and the studio Tim’s reporting has taken him from the genocide in Rwanda to 9/11 in New York; from war in Iraq, revolutions in Libya, Egypt and Ukraine, to natural disasters like the Japanese tsunami and typhoons and earthquakes in the Philippines and Turkey.

Tim spent a month in the Atacama Desert covering the rescue of the Chilean Miners for which he won international plaudits and a part in a film about the rescue playing himself.

Tim is also an accomplished documentary maker including the official ITV tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Tim is equally at home interviewing leaders from the business, arts, military and political communities.

As a practising trumpeter and musician and Spanish speaker the fields of music and literature are of particular interest.


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