Theresa Cheung



Theresa Cheung specialises in dream decoding and other transformative spiritual and self-help concepts, 
helping people find deep inner peace in mind, body and spirit. She was born into a family of psychics and 
spiritualists and since graduating from Cambridge with a degree in Theology and English she has written 
numerous bestselling mind body spirit books including two Sunday Times top 10 bestsellers.

She is regularly featured in the media, on popular podcasts and Youtube channels. In 2021 she will be launching the first ever all-female line up of speakers for the Olympia Mind Body Spirit wellbeing festival. Theresa collaborates with some of the world’s leading scientists researching consciousness. Her combined social media is around 220k and she has her own spiritual podcast, White Shores, which features interviews with some of these scientists as well as other leading spiritual authors, practitioners, psychologists and experts. In 2021 she teamed up with 

Sky presenter Alex Morgan to create In Your Dreamzz, a podcast which invited celebrities, such as tenor Russell Watson,presenter Eamonn Holmes and comedian Russell Brand, to share their dreams for Theresa to decode. 

Theresa has a popular author page on Facebook and I nstagram with a combined following of around 220k. She is also a resident dream expert for Spirit and Destiny Magazine and Soul and has been guest editor for a dreams issue of Soul and Spirit magazine. She grew up in Sussex, trained with the ballet Rambert for many years, worked in a hospice and seriously considered her options as a nun. She currently lives with her husband and two children in Windsor, UK.

Theresa is an experienced speaker and workshop presenter and has given talks and workshops to the 
following:Anthropologie, Beauty Bay, Dusk Bedding, Thinx underwear, Immediate media, Olympia Mind body spirit,  Action coach UK, Hearst magazine group. 

Theresa talks on the following topics

  • Dream Decoding 
    The science of dreaming – what are dreams – why do you dream – how to interpret and work with your 
    dreams – your dream decoding toolkit – how dream decoding can heal your life. On the spot dream analysis.
  • Lucid Dreaming 
    The science of lucid dreaming – the power and potential of lucid dreaming – how to wake up in a dream – how 
    to take control of your dream – reality checks – how lucid dreaming can transform your life – your lucid 
    dreaming toolkit
  • Rituals to Change Your Life
    The science of ritual – why rituals can change your life – the power of your daily actions – 7 rituals that can 
    change your life for the better immediately – your ritual toolkit
  • Rituals to Ignite Your Intuition
    The science of intuition – combining the power of ritual with the power of your intuition – using ritual to 
    connect to your intuition – your intuition igniting ritual toolkit
  • Birthday Magic
    As above, so below – basic introduction to astrology – the science of astrology – the significance of the day you 
    were born – maximising the potential of your birthday 
  • Harnessing Lunar Power
    Basic introduction to lunar living – the phases of the moon and how to tune into them for personal growth and 
  • Sensitive Souls
    Highly sensitive personality traits – the power of being sensitive – tools and techniques to protect yourself 
    when the world overwhelms – why being gentle and kind is the new strong.

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