Theo Priestley



Theo is a leading tech futurist and globally recognised author and public speaker on the convergence of many emerging trends towards the metaverse and play-and-earn economics using blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT markets.

He is the CEO and co-founder of Carbon Based Lifeforms, a new indie video game studio in the UK developing a new play-and-earn, massively multiplayer online (MMO) title based on an original IP, and Metanomic, a complete web3 economic platform for game developers, metaverse builders and the creator economy. 

Priestley has worked with some of the biggest names in tech and business including SAP, Siemens, Bosch, Software AG, AON, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, consulting and implementing innovation strategies, strategic foresight, and emerging technologies, and providing content marketing services.

He has mentored in a number of startup accelerators including HTC ViveX and Alchemist.

Priestley has published more than 250 articles on topics including Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech and Blockchain, Smart Cities, Crypto, Healthcare, Marketing, Digital Transformation, and Virtual Reality, for Forbes, the European, WIRED, Huffington Post and Business2Community. He has also contributed to VentureBeat, GigaOM, The Times Raconteur, and has been interviewed for BBC Radio and UK national television news on technology trends.

He recently authored the book, The Future Starts Now, published internationally through Bloomsbury.
An energetic, informative, and polished speaker, he has engaged groups ranging from 20-2000 on Emerging Technology trends and featured talks have occurred at CeBIT, TEDx, Marketing Society UK, Big Data Expo China, Gartner Symposium, IDC, meetups, webinars, innovation summits, and corporate events.

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