Tayo Oguntonade

As an experienced Mortgage Broker, Property Expert, Investor and Influencer, Tayo regularly uses his expertise to break down complex and relevant property topics for the everyday person to understand. Tayo can be seen presenting The Great House Giveaway on Channel 4 which this year scored a hat-trick, winning best daytime programme at the BAFTAs, RTS and Broadcast Awards. Whilst Tayo was also personally nominated for best debut presenter at the Edinburgh Television Festival. The show itself sees two people, who have never met and have never owned a home, given a lump sum to, with the help of Tayo, buy a property at auction. They then have six months to revive the property into a habitable and desirable home, with the aim to split any profits. If they don’t sell – the house goes back to auction. 

Tayo can also be seen offering his expert advice on shows such as Steph’s Packed Lunch, Rip Off Britain, Watchdog and Morning Live. 

As the co-founder of BrickzWithTipz, a property blogging platform he founded with his wife, Tayo’s expertise and advice has reached over 50,000 people in need. 

Tayo has always had an interest in finance and after studying economics in university he was determined to find the best way to invest as he begins his career. Early on he took a liking to property, however he noticed there were barriers to entry when it came to getting on the property ladder. These barriers came in the form of myths, scaremongering and lack of knowledge and constant highlights of the problems within the UK property market without many solutions. Tayo found that he could align his desire to invest in property and his interest in finance by studying to become a qualified mortgage broker. 

This brought him so much closer to the workings of the property market and allowed him to buy his first property at the ripe age of 22. Tayo applied a finance-minded approach to this purchase and rented out two of the rooms in his three-bedroom home to help him pay his mortgage. By following property trends and learning by experience he has gone from strength to strength and grown to become a successful property investor. 

Since then, he has dedicated his time and knowledge to helping everyone from first time buyers to experienced investors goals within the property market. His vibrant, fun and charismatic style, brings a fresh face to an area that is currently dominated by a more rigid and regimented approach. 

As a fully qualified mortgage advisor through the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), Tayo can help advise on areas such as; How to buy in today's market, investing in property for retirement, good debt vs bad debt, the ins and outs of buy to let mortgages and investment strategies.

He also holds a BA (Hons) in  Economics from the University of Portsmouth, this gives him extensive  knowledge on topics such as climbing the corporate ladder and how to  communicate effectively in the work place. As well as this Tayo's personal back ground and experience helps him talk about working harder as an ethnic minority in the workplace, the wealth and property gap in the UK and the true impacts of gentrification. 

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