Tanya Beckett

Tanya has worked in broadcasting and the media for over twenty years. She started out at the FT, then went to work for CNBC, Sky News, CNN and, since 1998, the BBC.

She has worked on a variety of programmes on BBC WorldNews, the Newschannel, Radio 4 and BBC1 and BBC2 including The Inquiry, Our World, Working Lunch, Today, World Business report, Newsnight and World Business Report. 

She also spent 3 years living in and reporting from New York for the BBC.

Tanya also works with the World Bank, EBRD, EIB, ADB, Chatham House, the Somali Government and the British Foreign Office in matters relating to trade and communication.

She is writes and presents the weekly BBC current affairs radio documentary ‘The Inquiry’ and presenting news programmes for BBC news.

Tanya has a degree from Oxford University in Metallurgy and Materials Science and spent 5 years as an investment banker in Frankfurt and London. She speaks fluent German, good French and some Spanish.


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