Sue Firth



An acclaimed expert on Stress & Stress Management for Executives, Sue is a Business Psychologist with 20 years experience in helping executives understand the causes of negative stress whilst providing them with strategies for stress management to help them maintain effectiveness in the workplace.

She helps prepare for the most challenging situations, dealing with difficult people and dealing with life when it throws a curve ball and everything seems to be bursting at the seams!

Her presentation topics include: 
    Taking the Stress out of Leadership how to remain effective in changing times
    Executive Resilience keeping your teams motivated!
    Leading & Managing Change what everyone needs to know and do to keep a business competitive
    Self esteem & the CEO capturing the best of you when everything wants the rest of you!

Sue is an eloquent, articulate presenter with wide experience of presenting to small and large groups. Her direct style on sensitive topics, coupled with her engaging, charismatic manner and professional style of delivery, ensures she grabs her audience's attention and that they leave with a personal blueprint for managing their own stress and feel prepared to tackle change management. 
Her highly effective simple solutions for stress presentations are a must for all organisations wishing to increase productivity and wellness in the workplace.

Sue is an international speaker and presenter and holds both a Batchelor of Science and the Masters Degree. She is a member of the British Psychological Society, The International Stress Management Association (ISMA), The Health Professions Council, and The Academy for Chief Executives (ACE).

Her clients include Vistage Intl UK, Vistage Florida, National Grid plc, Halifax & Rugby Building Society and British Aerospace.

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