Stephanie Ooi



Dr Stephanie is a GP and Mum to two girls. She has a particular interest in women’s and children’s health as well as mental health. Allergy and fertility are topics close to her heart as her eldest daughter has multiple food allergies and she and her husband have also been through fertility treatment. 

Stephanie started up an Instagram page to help provide parents with accurate evidence based general information. When she was a new parent herself she realised that there is a lot of misinformation out there and she wanted to correct this.

Her ultimate aim is to empower people with real knowledge and raise awareness about many important but overshadowed topics.

In her corporate talks Stephanie shares insights into her own experience of parenthood and hopes to show that although she is doctor she is very much learning on the job just like everyone else.

Topics Stephanie speaks on:

Women’s health (pregnancy, postnatal, cervical screening etc)

Children’s health 

Mental health “wellbeing” 

Allergies from a GP perspective but also as an allergy parent 

Stephanie's journey to becoming a doctor

The parenthood juggle / work life balance 

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