Stacey Sax



Stacey Sax is a multi talented saxophone player whose unique musical gifts can be used in multiple event scenarios from walk up music to combining with a DJ set and post event parties.

Scottish born but raised on the coast of west Wales, Stacey has grown up with a wild sense for both music and life.

Stacey is an incredibly versatile Saxophonist with an unforgettable presence when she performs. She plays from a deep place within shown through her compositions giving a truly honest and moving experience. 

Stacey's knowledge of a plethora of genres from across the world makes her playing style unique. 

Her passion for music is clearly apparent through her soulful sets performing with a number of artists.
Stacey's classical training and love of Jazz improvisation has brought her many experiences including leading big bands, performing on national radio, playing over DJ sets, festivals across Europe and commercial performances worldwide at prestigious events for royalty and celebrities.



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