Sorcha Ra




Sorcha Ra has worked for over 20 years in the performing arts. She has always had a desire to explore different art forms from fire (her first love) to dance to physical theatre and movement. She has worked on large-scale outdoor spectaculars as well as theatre, cabaret and street arts, whilst working extensively in the commercial sector. She truly understands how live performance can transform an event to give guests a rich and memorable experience. 

Sorcha believes in breaking down the barriers between the different performance platforms and challenging the outdated conception of high and low art. Only when restrictive definitions and labels are removed can art really blossom and reach the widest possible audience.

Over the last six years Sorcha has produced shows and cabarets for a wide range of venues, from the annual Cirque show at the Bloomsbury Big Top to the infamous Snake Pit at the Glastonbury Festival. Sorcha’s extensive knowledge of both the commercial events industry and live performance means that she is uniquely qualified to create shows that allow the art to shine within the context of a larger event.

Sorcha’s performances as an artist today reflect her warm embrace of a multitude of art forms. Her work has contact juggling at its core. It’s a skill which has taken years to master which she now uses as a glue to bring her work together. For over 15 years she has created entertainment that amuses, moves, mesmerises and takes the breath away from anyone who sees it. What she does is crafted with great skill and love – it is made, not borrowed.


"Sorcha is great to work with, she’s very flexible and an easy all round personality to work with. She was punctual and professional at all times and the guests loved her act......... I wouldn’t think twice to have Sorcha back " Soho Square, Egypt

" Lovely to work with you, I could see everyone was loving what you were doing and it was great to have you there Very, many thanks. Till next time!" Private Drama



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