Sophie Morgan



Sophie Morgan uses her position of influence to create the change that she wants to see in the world. Indomitable and unique, Sophie is an award-winning campaigner who embodies her values; finding creative opportunity in diversity and adversity, and daring to be different, she proves the value and power of true disability representation in all areas of her work and life.

Sophie was paralysed in a car crash when she was 18 years old. Determined to channel her adversity into opportunity, she sees her challenges as a unique chance for creativity and has become the ultimate agent for change.

She is now one of the only Television presenters with a disability in the world. She fronts the Live Coverage of all Paralympic sport for UK broadcasters and makes award wining current affairs documentaries, travel programs and consumer affairs series. Sophie has recently been appointed as a board member for Ofcom, the UK government- approved regulatory broadcast authority.

She established Sophie Morgan Creative Ltd and is leading the charge to better representation for disabled people in retail. She designed the Mannequal and is changing the game for fashion retailers.

Brand ambassador for the world’s first robotic exoskeleton, Sophie became the face of the company that inspired a generation of innovators to think outside the box and reinvent the wheel, literally. She is currently a judge for Toyota’s mobility prize. And is also a proud patron of Scope & Back Up and ambassador of Human Rights Watch, Lumos & Leonard Cheshire. She is brand ambassador for Batec Mobility & Aria Wheelchairs.

She is also a passionate adventurer and is currently planning an around the world challenge on a motorbike and sidecar!

Sophie doesn’t just talk – she enables and creates change. In everything she does, from hosting Global Disability Summits to working along side global mega brands such as Air BnB or GoPro to open their minds to the ‘disability opportunity’ to traveling the world to document abuses in human rights, she lives, breathes and creates the change she wants to see in the world.

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