Simon Smith



Simon is a leader, creative strategist and designer, a specialist in customer, brand and employee experience. 
He has over 20 years experience working for corporate and large brands as well as in design studios and marketing agencies. He started his career in the fashion industry creating appealing retail environments and experiences that incorporate both style and modern technology. 
He enhanced this experience by working directly for retail groups within WPP, working in Planning and Executive Creative Director roles for major brands across Europe, America and Asia.
Simon works not only where the brand and the customer meet at the point of sale, but also in relation to employees, to enhance the sales experience. 
Over the last five years he has worked for O2UK Telefonica undertaking two roles in Sales and Service, initially as Head of Retail Experience with the responsibility of managing the design, look and feel of stores, from initial concept to actual reality, as well as marketing and launching products,  including the creation and development of the Guru brand.
Since 2011 his role has expanded to managing product experience across the board as Head of Multi Channel Experience responsible for all customer and employee interface encompassing the senior and wider leadership teams. 
This role has enabled him to use all previous experience managing agencies and developing team leadership taking in all aspects of cultural change and practical design in relation to Sales and Service. Simon's lead and the way he creates and implements a customer journey, and measurement approach,has become a model for the future development of the Sales and Service aspects in business today. 
Simon is leader in Brand and Service Design Innovation, testing and challenging the way we view and experience brands through products and services.

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