Simon Hughes



When it comes to knowing just what goes on behind the scenes in Whitehall, Simon Hughes is your man.  For over 10 years Simon was involved in media and event production for the British government, putting him in a unique position to observe politicians and their various and conflicting egos at work.  

As Director of Live Events at the COI he was in the firing line if the exacting demands of three very different Prime Ministers - Blair, Brown and Cameron - were not satisfied.

Simon knows just what goes on at the very heart of power and his first hand knowledge provides a fascinating insight into a world very few people get to see, let alone understand.  

He has seen how the challenges and realities that governments have to face have to be factored into communications, campaigns and events.  He talks authoritatively on the business of government, and doing business with government whilst knowing at first hand the importance of good communication.

Simon knows from bitter experience that not every politician is a born communicator. Sometimes they need more than a little help with their presentation skills, the very same challenges that face organisations in both the public and private sector. He also understands why leaders constantly need to innovate, motivate and inspire.

Simon is an engaging keynote speaker, having addressed audiences in the UK and internationally. Topics range from government communications to influencing behaviour change, public engagement and how to achieve the best return on investment in communications.

On a lighter note, his wealth of anecdotes makes Simon a highly entertaining speaker, ideal for after dinner or lighter conference slots. He has recently conducted in-depth interviews with high profile figures for the International Banker website.

Simon is a skilled event moderator, facilitator and chair, and can always be depended upon to keep calm and carry on! 

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