Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist, leadership consultant and pioneer of purpose-led leadership. She has over 15 years international experience consulting to many different organizations including BP, Rolls Royce, Spencer Stuart, Standard Chartered Bank, IUCN and the World Bank.

As the author of How to Have Meaningful Conversations (Watkins, 2012), Sarah’s work has been widely featured in the media including the Huffington Post, the Sunday Times, the FT, Guardian, Psychologies Magazine and the BBC Business online. Pearson will publish Sarah’s next book on purpose-led leadership in 2020.

Sarah works with CEOs and leaders who want to create positive change by having the conversations that matter most. She founded Bridgework Consulting Ltd in 2007 to enable leaders to engage and energize their people around great work, with the intention of transforming organisations to become a force for good in the world.

Sarah’s passion for purposeful leadership comes from creating a career she loves after some lost years in her twenties. Having achieved a first class degree in psychology and a position at a leading global consultancy, she decided to step away from the corporate world. After unexpectedly falling on hard times, Sarah spent four years working as a street circus performer, juggling fire in the fiestas of Spain.

This tough but life-changing experience showed Sarah how fulfilling our deepest potential comes not from ignoring our calling, but from following what we feel is our true work. Sarah is passionate about helping others to become more purposeful in their lives and leadership by tuning into the emergent future that wants to happen.

Sarah’s leadership programmes and masterclasses consist of a unique mix of experiential activities, personal reflection and whole group dialogue. She draws on a rich diversity of disciplines including applied psychology, organisational dialogue and systemic constellations.

Keynote speaking

Sarah uses inspiring stories, recent research and provocative questions to shift mindsets. With her wide experience of engaging international audiences, she is an expert at challenging people to think differently and do something new using the powerful how to’s that she shares. Her keynotes and motivational talks include:

  • Leading with purpose – how to engage and energise people to do great work
  • Driving change – how to inspire everyone to pull in the same direction
  • Tuning top teams - how to strengthen teams to be at the top of their game
  • Transforming meetings – how to have the conversations that matter most
  • Engaging stakeholders – how to build bridges with your stakeholders

Clients include Mortgage and Finance Association (Australia), Govern for Impact (Canada) and Association for Project Management (UK.)


"Sarah leverages deep connectivity with people on a personal level with a keen understanding of group dynamics and knowledge transfer. She builds confidence in individuals as well as a deep insights on the "science" of dialogue."

Frédéric Baudry, Commercial VP, BP

“Sarah Rozenthuler is a very clear and concise speaker who provides her audience with useful tools they can take away to create change in their lives. She enables people to step beyond their comfort zone into a new version of themselves whilst being a very skilful, insightful and inclusive facilitator of the group. Sarah is one of the best speakers I have ever seen and I highly recommend her work.”

Dr Dorte Rich Jørgensen, Director, Sustainability Leadership, Atkins

“Sarah is great to work with. She is a gifted listener with deep knowledge and expertise in leadership, communication and team building. Sarah was the facilitator at our Global HR workshop and inspired the group by bringing the dialogue alive. She has also undertaken ‘complex’ coaching assignments and has been a ‘thinking partner’ on the design of our global leadership workshop.” 

Simon Brocket, International HR Director, Twinings Ovaltine

“I invited Sarah to speak to my Inspired Entrepreneur community to launch her first book Life Changing Conversations and we also co-presented a workshop. Our community loved Sarah and her presentation and how she kept them engaged. They enjoyed participating in their own self-enquiries. Personally, I have always found Sarah a delight to work with and value her friendship as well as her professionalism.”

Nick Williams, best-selling author, The Work We Were Born To Do

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