Sandi Toksvig



Sandi Toksvig began her comedy career at Girton College, Cambridge where she found time to write and perform in the first all-woman show at the Footlights as well as achieve a first class degree.

Sandi is well known to UK audiences as a broadcaster. Her television career has included celebrated series such as Call My Bluff (as regular team captain) Whose Line Is It Anyway? She was also host of Antiques Master for BBC2 and 1001 Things You Should Know for Channel 4. Sandi was also a familiar voice for BBC Radio 4 listeners as the chair of The News Quiz. She was also inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame.

Sandi is currently the host chair of QI, BBC2’s fiendishly difficult and hugely popular quiz. She took this mantle over from Stephen Fry.  She has also begun writing a musical about Dusty Springfield and has numerous other writing projects in the pipeline.

Sandi is passionate about live performance. She performed at the very first night of The Comedy Store in London and for many years was a member of The Comedy Store Players, an improvisational comedy team.

Much of Sandi's time is devoted to writing. Last year she published a new novel entitled Valentine Grey and a light-hearted book of women‘s history, Heroines and Harridans. She has more than twenty fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults to her credit and she has just completed a book on manners. She has written a monthly column for Good Housekeeping magazine for more years than she can remember!

"Brilliant choice, we'll be using her again" 
Sandi spoke at the First Women Awards  

"Sandi was simply brilliantly..what more can I say" Sandi hosted the IVCA Awards

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