Sanderson Jones



In 2008 left his job as an advertising salesman to fulfill a long-term dream to become a full time stand-up comedian. By 2012, he had sold out at the Sydney Opera House by selling every single ticket to the show by hand! What's more, is that he researched every member of the audience and incorporated their online lives into his show.

The show was called and combined digital creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, receiving a Chortle Award Nomination for Innovation, and a Malcolme Hardee Award Nomination Sanderson enjoyed the freedom not to depend on anyone else and making his own livelihood. At the same time, he realized that he had found a format that could be applied to bring to life another long-term dream of his: To start something which was like church but which everyone could come to. At the heart, he wanted to put something that everyone could celebrate - a celebration of life itself. Sanderson had always found joy in laughter and found comedy an excellent way to create connections connection and build community. 

In 2011 Sanderson met Pippa Evans as they drove to a comedy gig Bath. While they were chatting, they came to realize that they both shared the same dream: to start a secular congregation, not telling people what to do or believe, or how to live their lives, but helping them to do what they chose-- helping them live life to the fullest. It was then that they defined Sunday Assembly’s values, which still guide the organization today: live better, help often, and wonder more. They launched the first Sunday Assembly in January 2013 in Islington, London. Over 200 people turned up. Soon, people from all over the world got in touch, seeking help in setting up their own congregations. He They went on a tour around the world, launching 28 Assemblies by the end of the year. From then onward Pippa began focussed on her own stand up career, while remaining a part of the London community, and Sanderson carried on as CEO turning an idea into an organisation. There are now 5 staff members helping the 600 volunteers across the globe, making the Sunday Assembly movement happen every day. Sanderson envisioned the Sunday Assembly movement could be to congregation what Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness movement had done for meditation, making it inclusive and available to all.

In order to accommodate his vast array of talents, Sanderson can be booked in several capacities; as a comedian, business speaker or as a member of he Sunday Assembly. Sandersons expertise includes:

  • Sales
  • Technology & Start-ups
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Anything Digital
  • Arts & Culture
  • Current Affairs
  • Film & Theatre
  • Social Media
  • Travel

Prior to Comedy, Sanderson sold advertising at The Economist, where he was seconded as a digital creative. Prior to that he worked as a door to door salesman in Paris and as a film critic... He knows his CV makes no sense!

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