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Sanchia Berg is a senior BBC reporter/correspondent. She works on Radio 4's Today Programme and  on BBC2's Newsnight, specialising in Education and Social Affairs. She has provided exclusive stories, reports and analysis for both of these flagship programmes and many of her reports have been about vulnerable children and young people.

Sanchia presented a Panorama programme on the case for introducing Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse in institutions which resulted in the NSPCC and the government changing their position on this issue. She also presented a Radio 4 documentary, which she also researched, about an MI5 agent who exposed British fascists in post-war Vienna.

As well as the Today radio programme she has also presented "The World Today" and "Outlook".

Her work has been featured in the BBC News Online magazine - and on many BBC Local Radio stations. Sanchia also researched Family Court records for a story about mothers who had successive children taken into care, and provided stories for Today, Breakfast and News Online.

When Sanchia joined the Today programme she specialised in Foreign Affairs, reporting from Europe, India and co-presenting Today from the US. She was the BBC's Warsaw correspondent from 1994-1997 and from 1992-1994 was a Reporter/Producer for BBC World Service Television.

Sanchia has chaired conferences and has given a semi-formal keynote speech for British Fulbright Alumni at the inaugural meeting of the association at McKinseys. 

Thanks so much for coming last night and saying a few words. You hit exactly the right note' Chair of the Fulbright Commission UK

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