Richard J Bryan



Good business is just common sense. Unfortunately common sense is often not common practice as Richard J. Bryan, international speaker, author and executive coach explains as he talks through some simple strategies that can transform any business.
Every leader faces enormous challenges and responsibilities.   How do you hire, mentor, and build a great team to create a powerful, well-oiled machine? How do you propel the entire team forward towards a clear vision? How do you tackle the tough stuff, such as financial turnarounds?
Richard talks from experience.
At the age of 28, Richard J. Bryan took over the reins of a $120 million family business when his father was forced to retire due to illness. That alone was a challenge. Worse, the business was losing $3.5 million a year. In his 10 years as CEO, Richard's leadership style matured from a controlling, hands-on manager to a true leader.  He applied creative strategies to articulate a crystal-clear vision, hire the right people, forge a dynamic team, and build a thriving, profitable business.
Richard's presentations on common sense leadership include: 
'Lessons from Frank' - A masterclass in leadership lessons and turning a business around.
'Succession or Success-un' - Where Richard shares his hard earned lessons on how to manage leadership transition to the next generation.
'It's a Zoo Around Here' - A humorous presentation perfect for leaders at all levels and sales teams. Richard shares his rules for better communication using funny but true anecdotes.  By showing how different personality traits resemble different animals at the zoo. By understanding a team's various traits and communication styles, a leader can adapt the way he communicates.

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