Richard Scase



Professor Richard Scase is one of the world's leading business forecasters - able to speak authoritatively on the broadest global trends while leaving even the most specialised audience with relevant, useful and inspirational advice.

As an academic, his research interests range from organisational change and entrepreneurship to the impact of Internet technologies and the restructuring of work and employment across the globe. As an entrepreneur, he has run and sold successful businesses in radio and on-line media. As a journalist, author and public-speaker, he frequently combines ideas from all these areas of expertise to create tailored forecasts or "future scenarios" for his audiences.

He is the author of over 20 books, including "Britain in 2010: The Changing Business Landscape," which painted such a vivid picture of the future that it influenced a swathe of UK government policy, as well as being critically acclaimed worldwide. In his most recent book, "Global Remix," he explores the impact of incipient global trends - technological, economic, demographic, cultural, political and social - on both businesses and individuals.

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