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Rasmus Ankersen is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker on performance development and a trusted advisor to businesses and athletes around the world.

Since his appointment as co-director of football at Brentford FC, Rasmus has been fundamental in the introduction of a new mindset, built around the use of big data to drive decision making, and resulted in promotino to the Premier League - the first time in Brentford's 74 year history, and making them the 50th club to play in the elite league.

This success has brought a new new gravitas to Rasmus's speaking, teaching organisations how contemporary thinking on talent identification and development, disruption and sustaining success, can take them to new heights and inspire them to lead their markets in a way they never have before. 
In 2012 Rasmus published The Gold Mine Effect, in which he explores how some countries and cities develop a disproportionate amount of top talent.

In 2016 Rasmus published Hunger in Paradise: a book about how successful organisations can remain successful by eliminating complacency.

Rasmus is also the chairman of FC Midtjylland, his childhood football club in Denmark, and a director of the English club Brentford FC. Both are known as some of the world’s most innovative football clubs, especially recognised for their use of big data to drive decision-making.

Over the past few years, Rasmus has been hired to share his research on high performance cultures by global brands like LEGO, Google, Boston Consulting Group, IKEA, Google, Facebook, Hitachi, Roche, Ernst & Young and many more.

"The business world owes Rasmus much gratitude for his facts based, in depth studies of what it truly takes to be, identify and build talent"  CEO and President, The LEGO Group

"Management Events has collaborated with Rasmus Ankersen since 2009 using him as a personal development speaker on our conferences for top decision makers from the biggest industries in Denmark. Rasmus has been able to exceed expectations receiving the best speaker evaluations seen in Management Events' six years history in Denmark. In the last two evaluations Rasmus received the highest score possible."  Country Manager, Management Events

"Rasmus really understands the DNA of world class performance. From him you don't just get theories, you get concrete tools working in the real world. Rasmus is the ultimate coach."  Global Sponsorship Director, Manchester United

"Rasmus is an inspiration for anyone wishing to deliver high performance. His work and ideas are just fascinating and have not only challenged me, but also helped improve the quality of my daily training."  Tom Kristensen, 8 times winner of the 24 hours at Le Mans

"The leadership teams really enjoyed the session " and we've already worked with some of the ideas we discussed " among these being our management meetings. You made everyone feel comfortable and equally important. We loved absolutely every minute."  Director of Communication, McDonalds


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