Rachel Ellison MBE



Rachel Ellison MBE is an International conference speaker and author. As an executive leadership coach she works with individuals and teams in commercial, public sector and third sector organisations.

Her book "Global Leadership & Coaching - Flourishing Under Intense Pressure at Work" was published in 2019. It details real case studies of current leaders posted to tricky parts of the world. From retail to refugee camps, healthcare to elite high performance sport, from prisons to the hairdresser (!). Rachel Ellison MBE shares personal leadership journey and that of others, taking a below-the-surface, psychological approach to understanding leadership successes, failures, pressures, patterns, choices and dilemmas.

Within the book is a call for higher ethics in leadership for higher productivity, profit, sustainability and joy in coming to work.

Rachel offers speeches and workshops both in person and virtually if needed and can focus on particular topics a company wants to emphasise, eg women leaders, resilience, inter-cultural challenges, mistakes leaders make, patterns, behaviours, learning etc.

Some of her key note titles can be found below:

  • Working where it’s hot, dusty and dangerous: ego-free leadership in a war zone
  • From Somalia to Solihull: the supermarket leader who was prepared to relearn how to lead in a multi-cultural context
  • Insights from Inside: what one leader learned from the prisoners in his care
  • Coughs & Sneezes in the Olympic Village: leading the para-cycling team to gold
  • Leadership in a refugee context
  • Spaces – the psychological ‘spaces’ within a neonatal intensive care unit
  • Multiple perspective taking – workshop
  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills for managers and leaders - workshop

Rachel has specialist knowledge of resilience and stress and has worked inter-culturally across more than 40 countries with International, high quality commercial and public sector brands, e.g. BBC, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, UNICEF.

Rachel has acheived the following awards:

  • Honorary Doctorate, Middlesex University 2019 – contribution to thought leadership and coaching
  • Harold Bridger Prize ISPSO [International Society of the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations] – for the creative application of below the surface thinking in leadership and business
  • BBC Team of the Year – awarded by the Director General

She was also awarded an MBE: 'For the promotion of human rights and the self-empowerment of women in Afghanistan’.

Some of the places Rachel has spoken at:

  • Cambridge University 2020
  • Oxford University 2019
  • Middlesex University 2019
  • Birkbeck University of London 2019
  • 30% Club
  • Linklaters law firm
  • The Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • WIG Whitehall & Industry Group – FTSE 300 and senior policy makers in government
  • UK Sport annual conference [Olympics coaches]
  • ISPSO – the psychological community – mainly psychoanalysts -Dublin, Grenada, Copenhagen, London

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