Larissa Suzuki



One of Google's Cloud CTOs, Professor Dr. Larissa Suzuki is a recognised figure in the technology and engineering industry using over 18 years of experience to drive innovation and bring futuristic technologies like AI, Federated Learning, Cloud Robotics, Responsible AI, and MLOps to fruition.

In addition to her work at Google, Larissa has contributed to the building of the Interplanetary Internet in collaboration with NASA/JPL and has built systems for various industries. As a renowned academic, she holds professorial positions at prestigious institutions and is a sought-after TEDx speaker with nearly 110,000 views.

Larissa’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to found several organizations and her contributions have earned her numerous awards and recognition in the industry and international science.

Larissa’s influence extends beyond her achievements as a keynote speaker, inventor, entrepreneur, and open-source contributor. She is featured in the IET Women in Engineering exhibit and is recognized on the IET's list of inspiring engineers and technologists. 

Larissa actively promotes diversity and representation in engineering and technology and holds influential positions such as Chair of the Tech London Advocates Smart Cities Group and reviewer for grants and awards from esteemed organizations.

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