Roland Clift



Professor Roland Clift - a member of the UK Ecolabelling Board and of the "Groupe des Sages" which advises the European Commission on aspects of Ecolabelling
Professor Clift is Director of the University of Surrey's Centre for Environmental Strategy -a cross-disciplinary activity bringing together engineers, scientists, social scientists, economists and philosophers.

One of the UK's pioneers in the field of Clean Technology, his research is supported by three of the national research councils in the UK. He is also playing a leading role in developing the holistic Life Cycle Assessment of products known as Å’cradle to grave' analysis.
Professor Clift says that traditionally engineering has been concerned with techno-economic issues. Clean Technology, however, has now evolved from the explicit recognition of the importance of environmental and social issues, and the use of holistic analytical tools such as Life Cycle Assessment.

He argues that a paradigm shift is needed in the way of engineering skills and knowledge are used - as inputs to deliberative processes - which go beyond techno-economic decisions.

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