Phil Berg



Having been in retail for over 35 years (supplying and fitting flooring to both the Commercial and Domestic sectors), Phil Berg sold his business in 2007. This gave him the opportunity to continue developing his passion, to help companies and individuals achieve their true goals. Most individuals tend to start their own businesses to be independent and they prefer to rely upon themselves to create the lifestyle that they dream of. But once they have achieved this initial milestone (it’s not a goal as that tends to be the “end result” and not the activity), they then realise that they are working for a nutcase!!

Phil Berg built and sold two businesses and he truly understand the trials and tribulations of growth. His particular areas of passion are: ascertaining true goals - are they what we really want?; when do we want them?: how and when are they reviewed?/ creating purpose and values / standing out from the crowd / increasing profit / effective networking and ultimately, being in a position to be able to retire sooner.

He has seen individuals and companies initially grow and flourish, only to then witness their stresses and strains as they become busier and busier – not necessarily “more and more successful”. Work tends to get in the way of their success.

It can be lonely becoming successful and, as Phil himself knows, he benefitted from three hand selected mentors who guided and advised him. His own personal development journey resulted in him becoming a much sought after keynote and International motivational speaker and even more excitedly, an accredited CCM (Coach, Consultant and Mentor). This has enabled him to make a difference to thousands of businesses and families around the world.

He has been responsible for training companies and individuals in India, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Portugal and Spain. Phil also holds the position of Assistant National Director for BNI, UK & Ireland and is a member of the Founders Circle, the Manuals Committee and the European Director Training Team. He is also Executive Director for London East and the Managing Area Director for London North West, Herts & Beds and Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire, who, with my team of 50+ Directors and Ambassadors, support over 1,700 members and their families. 

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