Peter Avis



Peter Avis boasts a distinguished career as a multi-award-winning General Manager and customer service consultant, accumulating over 25 years of international experience in the hospitality sector. His professional journey, ascending from a dishwasher to the prestigious title of the 2009 UK Restaurant Manager of the Year, showcases his dedication, humility, and commitment to maintaining exceptional quality and high standards.

Having played a pivotal role in the Virgin Group for over 15 years, Peter collaborated closely with Sir Richard Branson on various projects. Notable achievements include managing the renowned London Roof Gardens and spearheading the launch of Virgin Limited Edition hotels such as the Mont Rochelle Hotel and Restaurant in South Africa and the Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco. Peter also personally supervised the wedding of Sir Richard’s daughter on Necker Island. Recently appointed as the General Manager of Galvin at Windows, located at the London Hilton Park Lane, Peter continues to contribute significantly to the hospitality industry.

Peter is a frequent presence in broadcast media and a sought-after keynote speaker on several key areas, including:

1. Creating award-winning Customer Service: Leveraging his extensive career, Peter shares insights on delivering and maintaining the highest standards of customer service, emphasizing the skills needed to manage memorable experiences and navigate challenges effectively.

2. Delivering on your promise: Recognizing the importance of customer satisfaction, Peter identifies key factors essential for businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, to fulfill their promises and keep customers engaged.

3. Employee Engagement: Drawing on his experience, Peter delves into the crucial drivers of employee engagement, highlighting how engaged employees contribute to heightened performance and passion in the workplace.

4. Success in the hospitality sector: From his early days as a dishwasher to earning the UK Restaurant Manager of the Year award, Peter reflects on the tools and commercial requirements necessary for success in the hospitality industry, offering valuable insights for shaping businesses internally and externally.

Peter's remarkable contributions have not gone unnoticed. He became the youngest member ever inducted into the Restaurant Hall of Fame, received the Richard Branson Special Award for Services to the Community in 2014, and assumed the role of Chairman of the UK Guild of Restaurant Services in the same year. In 2022, he received Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee Medal and was honored with the Seal of Excellence within the House of Lords for his services to Hospitality. Additionally, Peter was named the top influencer in hospitality in 2022.

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