Nikki Owen



Nikki Owen, Founder of The Charisma Model Programme,  is the UK's leading expert in charisma. She teaches her charisma model to international business leaders at Henley Business School and is an official political commentator for Aljazeera Television and The Sunday Tribune, and Positivity Advisor to The Expotel Group.
Based on her global research with 2,663 organisations, Nikki has identified the barriers that prevent organisational success and created a blueprint to help any leader increase their natural charisma to optimise employee engagement, high performance and growth.
Her fascination with charisma began at the age of eighteen when Nikki faced the frightening possibility of spending 12 to 15 years in Holloway Prison. Her case made legal history at The Old Bailey on 22nd December 1978 and this was the day when her charismatic barrister transformed her life against all odds, and ignited Nikki's lifelong passion for the study of charisma.
Nikki Owen's 30 year fascination with charisma has led to a blueprint that helps any individual increase their natural charisma to increase performance, resilience, engagement and personal impact.

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