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Nigel Risner is one of today's leading performance enhancing, motivational and communication speakers. He is the only speaker in Europe to have been awarded Speaker of the Year by all major CEO groups including Vistage Academy for Chief Executives and YPO.

Nigel is an expert in coaching high performing teams and CEO’s and has enjoyed working with a rich diversity of the most talented business and sports coaches as well as teams around the world. These include a Deputy Prime Minister, England’s national football coach and the UK's top Olympic Coaches. 

Nigel has worked successfully with more than half the FTSE 100 companies, as well as numerous pharmaceutical companies across the globe. In business and industry. Some of his clients include: Pepsi Cola, Compaq, British Airways, Pfizer, Marks and Spencer and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Nigel has worked from CEO to board level to middle management in a variety of different sectors. As well as,
school business leaders, National Health leaders and Ofstead.

He is the author of The Impact Code which has been translated in more than 10 languages and It’s a zoo Around Here which has been an Amazon No1 best seller many times over the last 20 years. 

His background running a successful finance Company and being one of the youngest CEO’s in the city at age 26 means he knows business and all the pitfalls that can occur when running several offices.

Nigel has created a unique communication programme and has licenced trainers around the world, sharing the message of 'How To Be An Effective Zookeeper'.

He is better known as the Chief Zookeeper due to his programme of dealing with the different animals in the workplace.

After 25 years and 3000 paid speeches in over 50 countries Nigel is a firm favourite to close many international conferences.

Nigel delivered a Speaker Taster Session for us on Thursday 21 May 2020- Click here for more details

“I’ve been organising large scale conferences and events for more years than I care to remember. I can honestly say Nigel Risner is unequivocally the very best speaker I have ever engaged. When I say best I mean BEST; in every respect. He has a powerful personality that commands attention. He has a style of delivery that captures and holds people’s imagination… and spellbound! He has an enormous capacity for wit and the Wisdom of Solomon." 
"Nigel Risner doesn’t just deliver an engaging presentation. He does his homework to understand and identify the challenges his audiences face; offering creative and novel solutions to resolve them. I have never engaged the same speaker twice. I’ve engaged Nigel three times! Thank you Nigel and long may you continue to wow audiences around the world!”  
Chief Executive - Sight Care Group
"There are only a handful of speakers I’d ever pay to go and see and Nigel Risner is one of them. He is the world’s best at communication and boy oh boy he will challenge everyone to have a greater impact in their lives and in their businesses too.  To all business owners and entrepreneurs, I urge you to attend. You will remember the day for years to come, plus you may just find out if you are a Dolphin, Elephant, Lion or a Monkey...” 
Geoff Ramm

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