Nick English



Nick English and his brother Giles are the founders of Bremont Chronometers which originated from their love and passion for engineering and aviation.
The brothers inherited their love of watches, clocks and all things mechanical from their talented engineering father, Dr Euan English, a PHD student of Aeronautical Engineering from Cambridge. An ex RAF pilot, Euan taught the brothers to fly. But on 4th March 1995, when Nick and Euan were training for an airshow in their WWII Harvard, they had a horrendous accident. Euan died and Nick broke over 30 bones.  
Nick tells the inspiring story of how he and Giles overcame tragedy to follow their passion for watches and create a truly unique world class brand.  They wanted to use their engineering experience to create classical aviation inspired watches so they formed a watch company to create top quality watches with the finest mechanical movements.
The name Bremont came from when the brothers were forced to make an emergency landing in their 1930s bi-plane, due to engine problems and bad weather. Keen to avoid the French authorities, they accepted help from the old farmer in whose field they had landed.  An engineer himself, the farmer showed them his workshop. There were old wall clocks in mid restoration, together with numerous engine parts. The farmer still wore his own father's wristwatch, and the farmer's name¦.. Antoine Bremont.
The Bremont Company has been a huge success. Sir Matthew Pinsent, Hugh Bonneville, Charley Boorman, Bear Grylls and Ewan McGregor are all Bremont fans and Bremont has been appointed official timekeeper at 'The Epsom Derby' and the 'Boat Race'.
Bremont was named the Luxury Watch Brand of the Year 2012 at the 2012 Jewellery Awards.  
Guest speaker Nick English took us on a fantastic trip through their business, describing how he and his brother turned a catastrophic event into an everlasting legacy to their father, themselves and British ingenuity. The feedback from attendees was that they found the story to be very interesting and inspirational and very proud to be British.  Jenrick Recruitment Group
Our audience of family business owners were enthralled and inspired by your story, and by your determination to establish and grow a quintessentially British, luxury brand with your brother Giles. From the heartbreaking tale of how the business was inspired, to the insights into what it takes to make a luxury brand succeed during these testing times; your presentation covered it all. Feedback from our delegates was overwhelming with many people appreciative of your honesty, the insights you shared and gratitude for the advice you gave which they could take away and apply to their own family business.  Family Business Place

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