Nick Davies



Nick's background is in field and retail sales (as well as being called to the Bar in November 1999) and briefly working as a lawyer) but has been a trainer and speaker since 2006

Over the years Nick has accumulated a wealth of experience, helping lawyers, accountants, fund managers, senior managers & civil servants, from the exceptionally junior to the incredibly senior how to sell, persuade, close, speak, present, negotiate, network, and develop business, either one-to-one or in large groups.
Although most of this work has taken place in the U.K., Nick has been lucky enough to speak across the globe, including amazing places such as:  Monaco, Antibes, The Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Wellington, Auckland West Virginia & Beijing

Nick has performed stand-up for ten years and continues to deliver speeches to conferences. Over the past few years, he has worked and shared stages many well-known people, including: The Rt. Hon. Michael Portillo, Sir Digby Jones, Jenny Bond, Kate Adie, Roger Black MBE, Alan Hansen, and Alastair Campbell.  


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