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Nic Hamilton book coverNic has just released his first book "Now That I Have Your Attention - 7 Lessons in Leading a Life Bigger Than They Expect"

Born with Cerebral Palsy, which affects the movement of his leg muscles, Nicolas was initially a wheelchair user. He endured years of gruelling, painful training so that by the age of 17 he could walk completely unaided. A huge achievement in itself, but this was just the first part of his unwavering determination to become a professional racing driver.

Nicolas was told as a child that he would never walk due to his cerebral palsy and would spend his life reliant on a wheelchair. Not one to be told he cannot do things, with determination and gruelling training he not only walked unaided, but he started to realise his dream: to be a racing driver. 

In a notoriously competitive and tough sport, Nicolas has established himself as a potential future champion, an achievement in any context, but even more so for someone who was told as a child that he would never walk. As well as racing Nicolas is focused on sharing his inspirational story and his belief that your ambition is limited only by your attitude.

Delivered in his genuine, down-to-earth, friendly manner, Nicolas’ keynotes recount his personal story of motivation, facing down challenges and overcoming adversity as well the lessons in teamwork that his sport has instilled.

Keynote topics

Nic talks candidly about the many challenges he has faced throughout his life, and the mindset and techniques he has used to overcome them; and tailors his awe inpsiring keynotes to include relevant lessons.  Examples of the keynote topics Nic covers include:

Breaking Down Barriers

Obstacles come in many forms and every individual or organisation experience challenging periods, but it is how you tackle these obstacles that matter. Nic talks candidly about how setbacks and a willingness to succeed can be used to build strength and resilience, and result in you becoming grateful for any difficulties faced. 

Goal Setting

Goals must be set realistically, but do not have to be achieved immediately; they may take several years and attempts to finally accomplish and complete. Nic considers how by setting goals, individuals and organisations can learn and understand themselves better and create and establish a purpose and grow.

Overcoming adversity - learning from continual failure

Failure is a vital part in everyone’s character building process, but to most failure seems like pain and unhappiness. Nic uncovers how he has welcomed failure, and shares the understanding gained and how he has used such experiences to re-evaluate and build his career as a professional racing driver. 

Creating Relationships

Relationships go far beyond what most people perceive them to be. Nic reveals how learning to maximise relationships, both positive and negative, and remaining open to potential opportunities allows him to strive towards and achieve his ambition on a physical, professional and personal level.   

Mindset & Wellbeing 

For any racing driver, mindset and wellbeing plays an integral role in seeking success. Nic firmly believes that life is 90% mental and 10% physical, and that by looking after your wellbeing provides the first step to fully understand what you are capable of, and paves the way to realising your full potential. 


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