Natalie Lee

Natalie uses her blog space to talk about all things fashion, with feelings thrown into the mix. For Natalie, fashion and feelings are intrinsically linked as she uses fashion to convey how she’s feeling, or conversely change how she’s feeling.

Natalie started her ‘Style Me Sunday’ blog in July 2012, after she fell pregnant with her second girl as a creative outlet to talk about the things she loves most and something that would work around her little ‘ratbags’ as she affectionately describes them.

It soon became apparent that, just talking about fashion was a little boring and unfulfilling and whilst she still LOVED fashion, she wanted to talk about more than just what this season's must-have colour was and so, Fashion with Feeling was born.

Originally a midwife and lactation consultant, Natalie has been fortunate enough to turn her passion into a full time career. 

Natalie’s eldest daughter has a rare genetic condition called Brittle Cornea Syndrome and as such, has had a very rough ride over the last year with her sight rapidly deteriorating and requiring several operations. As such, Natalie and her family are currently working their way through a very long bucket list, wanting her little girl to experience as many things as possible whilst she has a little sight.

Despite everything, Natalie is teaching her daughter to remain positive and not let adversity weaken her resolve from achieving amazing things and not allow having a disability to hold her back.

Natalie’s focus is to inspire mums and women to celebrate their uniqueness, share their struggles and experiences, and to show that there’s no such thing as perfect and anyway perfect is boring.

Unafraid to discuss deep, controversial issues, such as personal struggles, body image and race; her ‘Warrior Woman’ Project challenges encourage and motivate you to be the best you can be.  

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