Musa Motha

Musa Motha is a 27 year old Cancer survivor and an extraordinary international award winner amputee dancer born and bred in South Africa, Johannesburg South. He was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Oesteosacorma when he was 11 years old. His main dream was to become a professional football player until he had to be amputated.

After His amputation he continued to play football but dance found him. He started dancing in 2010 as a street dancer and managed to break barriers. He was featured in few music videos, one of them is ‘One dance’ by drake.

In 2018 he decided to start a professional dance career and joined an incredible contemporary dance company called Vuyani Dance Theatre in Johannesburg, Newtown. This is where he learnt more about professional dance industry. He did contemporary, afro fusion, tap dance and ballet.

Musa Motha started touring internationally in 2019, up to date. He also does motivational speaking, Deejaying, runway modelling and photography.

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