Mrs Moneypenny



Entrepreur, columnist and TV presenter, Mrs Moneypenny has written a weekly column in the Financial Times for 13 years, entertaining readers from Seattle to Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney, plus plenty of places in between. 
A former investment banker, she has an MBA from the London Business School and a PhD from the University of Hong Kong. 
Mrs Moneypenny began writing for the Financial Times in 1999 when she was based in Tokyo. Subsequently, she returned to the UK and bought into a small but profitable business in the West End of London, where she admits she was the youngest and worst-groomed of four owner-directors. She later led a management buyout and is now the majority owner.  She runs her own business while juggling three children (Cost Centres #1, #2 and #3) and a sport-obsessed husband, all of whom are subjected to relentless scrutiny and humour in her weekly column.  Mrs Moneypenny is described as being 'provocative, hilarious and wise' as she advocates hard work, delegation, self-promotion and financial literacy as the key skills of successful women. 
The author of 'Mrs Moneypenny: Survival in the City' (2003), 'Mrs Moneypenny: Email from Tokyo' (2006), 'Mrs Moneypenny Returns' (2008), 'Mrs Moneypenny: Crunch Time' (2009) and 'Mrs Moneypenny's Careers Advice for Ambitious Women' (2012).
She presents Channel 4's 'Superscrimpers' which began in 2011 and has run for five series in 24 months.
The 'At Home with Mrs Moneypenny' show has run at the Edinburgh Fringe as well as off-Broadway and at the Hay festival.  Mrs Moneypenny's co-author is a founding member of the steering committee of the 30% club, which is working to raise the representation of women at senior levels with the UK's publicly quoted companies. 

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