Mike Clayton



Mike Clayton is a renowned expert on personal effectiveness. He spent many years as a project manager, integrating complex change in a wide variety of organisational settings. A successful business author and speaker. whose research informs both his books and talks, making his advice both practical and rigorous. He uses his day-to-day leadership experiences to ensure his books and talks contain only real-world pragmatic guidance that works. His goal is to offer new information that listeners can start to use straight away.
He is regarded as one of the country's leading experts in project management and leadership, with a background of twelve years during which time Mike worked with all tiers of local government, Transport for London, central government departments (MoD, DoE, DSS), to third sector and global businesses like BAA, British Gas, Vodafone and General Motors.
He then went on to found two successful training businesses in 2002 and 2006, before turning to writing and speaking in 2008.  
But Mike is also a trained scientist with PhD this enables him access and synthesise the latest research into neuroscience and psychology, offering his listeners and readers robust intellectual rigour,  he makes complex ideas simple and practical.
Effectiveness, productivity, and leadership are topics that fascinate him and offers the benefit of his learning, in the form of practical, easy to apply lessons in his latest book, Powerhouse, and the seminars and keynote he has developed alongside it, will show you how to move beyond productivity, to elevate your performance and that of the people around you.
Author of The Yes/No Book, Smart to Wise, Brilliant Time Management, Risk Happens and Brilliant Influence, Mike speaks on topics including: 
¢ Project & Risk Management
¢ Advanced Communication Skills
¢ Personal Effectiveness
¢ Leadership 
¢ Smart to Wise Personal and Professional Development
¢ Yes/No How to Do Less and Achieve More 
An accomplished facilitator, Mike can design and host conferences, chair and moderate panel discussions or facilitate workshop sessions.
having spoken at seminars and conferences throughout the UK and abroad, his Recent clients include Honeywell, ERA, Randstad, and Deloitte.
"The audience found that Mike's introduction to such a complex subject was both witty and interactive and enabled the audience to leave with some very helpful tips and an insight into what can be achieved with further training."  Martyn Morgan, Partner & Conference Organiser, Quality Solicitors Talbots
"Mike Clayton's presentation to the Top Achievers seminar on "Effective Leadership" was excellent. This was interspersed with humour, which made the presentation more engaging. He fully met the requirements of my brief, and I have no hesitation in strongly recommending him for talks, workshops or seminars."  Peter F. Haddon, Managing Director, Top Achievers Limited
Excellent presentation - Mike managed to explain some very complex theories in a clear and concise manner that will prove valuable for business and life.  Jacinta Scannell, The Conference Collective
Mike received the best feedback scores of anyone we have ever used and our teams still talk about the first time he presented at one of our conferences. We will use Mike again and I thoroughly recommend him.  Andy Thorn, Honeywell
No matter what demands I place on him he has always delivered par excellence. 
He has that rare ability to be able to put across complex concepts in a way that is accessible and engages staff at all levels. Always personable, never ruffled - it is a very great pleasure to recommend Mike.  Cryss Mennaceur, Young Minds

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