Mickey Overman



Originally hailing from Amsterdam, Micky Overman is an accomplished comedian with a track record of excellence. Her Edinburgh shows have consistently garnered critical acclaim, showcasing her exceptional talent.

Micky's comedy is characterized by meticulously crafted humor delivered with a cool and confident demeanor. Her material seamlessly transitions from raw and unfiltered honesty to playful irreverence, all while offering incisive social commentary. Despite her relatively young age, she exudes the presence and charisma of a seasoned comic.

Her comedic prowess has earned her recognition as a Chortle Best Newcomer Nominee and a finalist in the 2016 Funny Women Awards. Micky has graced the Edinburgh Fringe Festival stage three times, and her latest hour, "The Precipice," received rave reviews, ranking among the Best Reviewed Edinburgh Fringe Shows of 2023 according to British Comedy Guide.

Micky's talent extends beyond the stage. She's made appearances on Stand Up Sketch Show (ITV2) and lent her voice to DMs Are Open (BBC4) and Fresh From The Fringe (BBC Radio 4). Additionally, her writing and acting skills shine through in sketches for Channel 4, BBC3, Pulped, and The Hook. Her social media sketches have garnered millions of views, further solidifying her comedic prowess.

Micky Overman has also provided tour support for acclaimed comedians such as Jamali Maddix, Fern Brady, and Sean McLoughlin. She shares the hosting duties of the popular "Thank F*** For That" podcast with Sarah Keyworth, adding another dimension to her comedic repertoire.

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