Michelle Partington



Michelle Partington was the first female paramedic with the RAF Regiment and was operationally deployed on various tours with the Medical Emergency Response Team, taking emergency lifesaving care to the injured. She has worked in the UK and overseas in some of the most remote and austere environments. 
She joined the ranks of the RAF, became a Sergeant and was then commissioned as a Medical Support Officer, providing tactical and strategic support for the Defence Medical Services. 
As an instructor/facilitator she presented at high profile service events including the AMSUS Conference in Texas, Trauma Connections in London, CPD events for College of Paramedics & for NATO military instructors in Budapest.
Since retiring from the RAF Michelle has undertaken public speaking engagements and is writing a book about her operational experience and her subsequent journey with PTSD.
Michelle has worked as a volunteer for Macmillan Cancer Support as fundraiser, heading up a team at RAFC Cranwell and she is a Champion for "Time to Change", supporting mental health. 
Her presentation ''My Unique Story' is proof that you can live with PTSD and Michelle has been invited to become a diversity role model due to the success she has made of her life.  Her message is if you believe in yourself you can become what you want to be with hard work and commitment. As a female Michelle has worked in a male environment on the front line in Afghanistan.
Michelle's speaking topics include Leadership and Management; Mental Health Experience; and Women in employment.

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